I am tired!

Chuy Olivares

I am tired!

I know I will be criticized.

I know many passages of the Bible that promise to give strength to who has none. I know that the Bible says that He can increase my strength to be as the buffalo's. I also know that Jesus can relieve my weariness. I also know that some will criticize me and say --how negative! However, I cannot disguise it: I am exhausted!

Let me clarify, I am not at all tired of God, either of the ministry, -it is a privilege to serve God! Every day I put my whole heart into what I do, I love God above all, I love my family and my friends, my congregation. I have received so much from God!

My exhaustion and frustration have other reasons.

Tired of what?

It grieves me so much to hear "The Messages" from those who get rich with the Gospel.

I cannot stand it anymore that verses are taken out of context to support their greed, and to sell their revelations to the highest bidder. It destroys my inner being, because I know they are cheating.

I am tired of listening to radio programs where pastors are not preaching the true gospel. They only know how to ask for money, money and more money. They do not know anything but that!

I am tired of so-called "Christian" TV that sells the miracles for USD 70 a month. "Make a Covenant, make a Covenant, make a Covenant with God", they say; which makes me to inevitably return to the obscurantism of the Middle Ages, "For every shilling you put in the ark, you shall receive the blessings of God", say the modern Tetzels (Johann Tetzel, 1465 - 1519, was a Dominican preacher accused of selling indulgences).  

I'm tired of hearing: "Plant a seed in my ministry".

I'm tired of "covering the backs" of all these offenders that are in the church. I cannot bear it anymore!

I have had enough concerts "for the glory of God".

And -what about the witchcraft within the Church? "I invoke the prosperity in your life", "I decree a life of a success for you", "I untie the riches for you."

I am tired of explaining the difference between the true biblical faith and the superstitious folk beliefs that the modern "Apostles and Prophets" teach.

Watch out, -the devil frees himself during the week!

I cannot bear anymore with the services to tie up demons or to break the curses that are on Mexico and the world, all of which are absolutely ineffective, because they have no biblical foundation. They surely "tie" Satan with a chain so long that it reaches the moon, because he is as loose as ever, and the brethren are always tying and tying...  I am exhausted!

They ran out of knots! They are tying him every meeting. And what if he gets loose during the week? Is it to be tied again on the following Sunday?
I get tired of the boring repetition of the theologies without biblical support. I'm tired of hearing "Judge not, lest ye be judged".  I'm tired of preachers putting the sheep a muzzle and telling them "Don't touch the anointed of the Lord", instead of saying, like Paul, "What you have heard and seen and learned from me, THIS ALSO DO, and God will be with you. "

The Titanic of the Blessing

I get tired of those super anointed ones that make you travel to where they live to put their hands on you and... "transfer the vision into you".

How painful it is to watch them not having the true anointing of the Holy Spirit, seeking to create spiritual environments with shouts and emotional manifestations. Nothing is more devastating than a charismatic service with an excellent sound and colored lights, smoke pretending to be the "Cloud of the Glory of God", but without spiritual vitality.

The noise, the screams, the turmoil, the lights and the smoke, they are not spirituality.

I even got tired of the so often repeated jokes about Peter and many others.
How many "joke telling comedians"! I am so overwhelmed.

And about the latest evangelical fashions? Ride on a "Titanic" in the Caribbean accompanied by the most famous Christian singers who have won Grammies, and with the best motivators that will scratch your ear with their jokes and great revelations about success and prosperity.

I got tired of seeing "Evangelists" pulling their jacket to the crowds, for them to receive "The anointing of God." They leave me overwhelmed, when I see them "falling under the power of God" to be recorded on video and then say: Revival! Revival or Shaking?
Revival or lie?

I get tired of the questions I get about the "Christian life." Every day I get emails from people asking me if they can go to parties of the world, if they can tattoo themselves, if they may dance, fall in "the Spirit", participate of "holy laughter", or be treated with acupuncture, or practice karate and even yoga. The list is enormous and seems endless.

That mediocre carnal and blind third world "Christianity" wearies me.

21 keys to be richer than Solomon and more anointed than his father

I am tired of books of American Christian writers translated into Spanish. I can not take more twenty steps books for a successful leadership. Super Christians in 40 days? All these best sellers have only come to show the true condition of the church. Spiritual misery, IGNORANCE OF GOD AND HIS WORD AND SPIRITUAL ANOREXIA! I cannot understand how a church needs to copy  examples from Central and South America. I am tired of having to give opinions if I agree or not with the new church growing systems that copy secular marketing and which is being adopted BY THE WHOLE WORLD AROUND.

It bothers me to have to explain that not all pastors are dishonest and liars, flatterers and with double morals. There is nothing more strenuous and tiring than having to prove to family and friends, Christian and non-Christian, that that latest scandal of the Christian entertainment is an exception.

I am tired of repeating that we are not all the same!

Acute Apostolitis

I got tired of those hungry for recognition and POLITICAL power, THE LEADERSHIP IS SICK WITH ACUTE "APOSTOLITIS". I am tired of those who claim to be "Doctors" in theology with a degree they got for USD 1,500 through the Internet. I can not stand it when I hear of another one self-proclaiming himself "PROPHET" and "APOSTLE."

I know I am tired; I will nevertheless keep on going. I cannot go back.

It is time to start returning

However, I HAVE DECIDED not to participate any more with the "Christianity" that manufactures golden calves and sacred cows. I will not struggle for the first places in the most renowned events organized by the mega-churches. I will never offer my name to compose the list of speakers of any conference where ENTRANCE FEES ARE CHARGED. I renounce to decorate my name with any kind of titles. I do not want to receive applause from popular audiences.

You will possibly say -"How frustrated and negative you look and speak". Yes, I am, but not of Jesus and of His beautiful Word, which enlightened my way; but of the lies, fraud and corruption of those who call themselves "Anointed of the Lord".

Chuy Olivares was who together with Jorge Lozano and Marcos Witt started all the Praise and Worship movement in the '90s. He is a long time pastor of a church in Mexico. And several years ago he retired from what he calls "the Christian Showbiz Showcase", not preaching anymore in places where entrance is charged, not signing certain contracts that would have filled him with money but, according to him, was nothing else than selling the Gospel among publishers, record companies and managers in the best style of the entertainment world.